Thursday, January 22, 2009

A movie of the snow

I've never posted a video before, so I'm going to try posting one now. Let me know if you can view it. It is a .mov file. Here goes:


This is my loving hubby pulling my sweet little son around our backyard, using his lawn tractor. After that, we went in, made a fire in the firplace, and drank hot cocoa together! Stay warm everyone!


  1. Your video worked. Good job trying a new blog trick. The snow is nice four inches at a time. By now, it must have all melted ... come visit me if you want some more. We've had eight feet since mid December. It takes a long time for that much snow to melt. I bet it was thrilling for the entire region to take a few snow days from work and school.

  2. Great video! Even I, accomplished blogger that I am, has never uploaded a video! ahem.

    Tell Steve that using the lawn tractor to pull David is cheating! ;)

  3. Whoops! I posted the wrong video! I was just happy to post a video, period. But, I had a longer one of the same events that I meant to post! Oil well...

  4. "even I HAS never"?....grammar queen that I am, how dare I?

  5. Yay! You did it . I can see it! What fun! sounds like a perfect snow day...I love em..once in a while..:)