Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gone fishin'

Today it was in the 70s here in Cackalackie! If we didn't have events to go to, such as Taekwondo and Basketball, we would have gone to the beach. Any Carolinian worth their salt [ocean salt of course] heads for the beach the moment the chill is gone from the air. Alas, hopefully, we'll get there next weekend.

TODAY however, we went fishing at a small lake on Fort Bragg. Here's my little sweetie casting out like the pros:

We didn't catch anything, but it was wonderful just to get out there in the fresh air.

Steve is feeling better, but not all the way. Course you didn't hear him complaining, because we were out fishing!!

God created all these beautiful places for us to go so that we can enjoy closer fellowship with Him. Of course, we enjoy being out in nature, because it's quiet and beautiful. But, I also think it draws us closer to Him. To the praise of His glorious name. [Ephesians 1]


  1. Terry and I had always wanted to travel to the Outer Banks and spend some time. Sadly, we never got to do that, but now I can enjoy your NC beach while you tour the scarf!!!! Looking forward to that!


  2. Hi again, I commented over on the 'Sistahood' blog before I came cun c/p it all here if you like....same words, same sentiments!!!

  3. So when are you coming back to our pond to do some fishing? You'll catch something ---guaranteed!!

  4. Dear Char...What a beautiful sunny day you all had!
    The water is still as a mirror and my, how pretty the reflections are and what a cutie of a little boy!
    You know Char, one year in the month of October, we went to a Southern Gospel concert in North Carolina.
    The bus stopped at a small town and most of the passengers wanted to go shopping.
    SHOPPING no less. You can do that any old time,
    I mean didn't they see that beautiful ocean?
    The first time I had ever seen one.!!
    Well my sister Betty and I and an elderly lady of about 80, jumped into that ocean so fast, dresses and all!
    It was so funny because there were some Americans on the shore looking at us like we were crazy or something. "Crazy Canadians swimming when the temperature was only sixty degrees"!!!
    Oh but it was so fun Char!
    I guess the Carolinas wait until the spring before they swim and by October they have already hung up their suits.
    Aw though whether they called us crazy or not, I so love the Americans!
    Yesterday Bernie and I had our pictures taken at Price Club for passports.
    If we don't have them by June, we are not allowed to go to the States.
    I NEVER want to be separated from our American friends...
    See you at the blog, eh?....Later?....Love Terry

  5. Okay ---I'm going through withdrawal...I was getting used to all those frequent posts on the scarf blog....

    needing to read something more!!!

  6. I always enjoys your are a wonderfully active family! What memories you are storing up in that boy of yours!!!

  7. Hi Char...Nice to hear your comments over at the scarf, but I am waiting for another post here.
    Kind of got used to you, ya' know!
    Come on, you are still not gone fishing, eh?
    Love Terry