Thursday, March 26, 2009

Think About This...

We all know that we are saved by Grace, and not of ourselves. We know we can't EARN salvation - the price has already been paid.

But often [and I have been guilty before] we try to produce good works and hold our selves to standards we can't possibly meet, and invariably let our selves down. i.e. "I'm going to pray and read the Bible 1 hour every day"... those are wonderful goals, but we always let ourselves down at some point

***You can never do MORE to secure your salvation than the Blood of Jesus has ALREADY done!!!***
NEVER, not one iota.

Now just as an apple tree produces apples, WE should all be producing the Fruits of the Spirit [Gal 5]. But, stop and think:
NOTHING can do more towards my salvation than the Blood of Jesus has already done!!!

Yes, those thoughts were shared by Pastor Ryan and I probably did a rotten job trying to re-articulate them, but they really hit home to me last night at church.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Char...this was just what I needed! Because of keeping the Grandboys all day I often beat myself up for not getting into the Word as much as I should...I pray on and off all day but setting aside 1 hour??? Then by the time they leave I am TIRED. No more...Jesus has secured my place...Hallelujah!


  2. Dear Char...No way! You did a really good job getting the point through and I think we all need this message.
    I fall so short most of the times.
    Just imagine if we COULD get to heaven with our own good works ,heaven would contain a very small number, eh?
    After all between all those good works there is bound to be sin and sin is not allowed in heaven!
    Thanks to the Lord he has fogiven us all of our sins and He will remember them no more!
    I am so glad to hear your voice agian Char...Love Terry

  3. You did an excellent job of getting your point across and you are so, so right! I cannot count the times I have made promises to myself to do this or that and spend 'x' amount of time in prayer or in reading the Word, only to fall short and then be discouraged and depressed and totally useless to the Lord for at least some amount of time! How wonderful that we can rest in the Lord and the knowledge that He did all the work to secure our salvation. Once we accept His offer, we are sealed unto Him for eternity.

    Praise the Lord!


  4. I posted a comment....where is it? Lost in the black hole of cyberspace?

    I'm so glad that my works don't earn my way into heaven....for often I'd be in BIG trouble if that were the case!

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  6. how are you doing these days char.
    hope pastor ryan is giving you some good thoughts on the last words of our lord from the cross...
    we are finally getting some warmer weather here.
    take care and have a great terry

    me and my bad spelling!

  7. what a great post!! I needed this reminder!!

  8. you some good thoughts on the last words of our lord from the cross...

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