Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Pics

Here's some pictures of our little family taken during the Easter holiday. The picture above was taken as we were coming out of church. My, how that little boy has grown!!! He will be 8 in a couple weeks. How time flies!! Below is David posing with his "brick" on the new softball dugouts at his school. I'm going to take his picture by the brick every year to record his growth. There were no other bricks with 'Class of 2019' on them!! LOL, Mom's hopeless!

This is David, counting his loot at the at the Easter egg hunt the day before Easter.

I hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday. Not only does our God reign, He is alive for evermore!!!!!


  1. Great pictures and what a lovely family! David is really growing up! Thanks for sharing.

    Many hugs.........


  2. Char he is such a little darling.
    he is YOUR terry

  3. Great Photos!!! I haven't been on the computer much lately and have just seen these today! I do have to say that had someone told me in 1978 that I'd be seeing you in a dress with pearl accents and a necklace and long fingernails....never would've believed it in a million years! Lovely family photo! David gets more handsome every year.

  4. Hey! We need a new post! ...I went to Edinboro last week - to the Office for Student Disabilities to be evaluated for my electric scooter. Spent quite a bit of time on campus --reliving a lot of memories! Wish you could've been there - the campus has changed so much - for the better! You should see all the new buildings!!

  5. Great to see family you got your son to dress so well for the holidays is a miracle!!! Here it is jeans for the younger set....I still try to dress a little but since moving back to casual NA I am fading fast in my resolve!

  6. ha!!
    nothing like a best friend to be spilling beans all over the place, eh?
    yep that deb is a good kid!
    happy birthday dear terry

  7. good morning char!
    i guess you and your little guy are enjoying the summer holidays.
    our canadian school children have two more weeks to go before thay are let out of school!
    hope everything is going well for your family...god terry

  8. i hope you had a happy fourth of july char...all three of you,
    i am late getting here and it is already the fifth of july but i did want to still tell you!
    have a blessed lord's terry